2014 Sermons - Audio (English)

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Date Title Presenter
2014-12-26 Worth It? Clifford Merchant Play
2014-12-19 Freedom in Jesus Christ Daniel Fukuda Play
2014-12-12 Immanuel past Present Future Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-12-05 The Power Of Faith Taj Pacleb Play
2014-12-05 The Potter's Work Taj Pacleb Play
2014-12-04 Repairers of the Breach, Reformers of the Rest Taj Pacleb Play
2014-11-28 Sacrifice of Thanksgiving Matthew Tracey Play
2014-11-21 Let Us Break Bread Together Naofumi Nozawa Play
2014-11-14 Converted in a crisis Glenn Ramel Play
2014-11-07 Balance Jeff Cisneros Play
2014-10-31 End Time Blessings Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-10-17 The Perils of Emptiness Taj Pacleb Play
2014-10-10 Why Does God Allow Sin and Suffering? Taj Pacleb Play
2014-10-03 Who Am I Felipe Ferreira Play
2014-09-26 This Little Light of Mine Vinish Wilson Play
2014-09-19 Ordinary People Extraordinary God Naofumi Nozawa Play
2014-09-12 Cry Aloud, Spare Not Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-09-05 The Present Truth as it is in Jesus Taj Pacleb Play
2014-08-30 Decoding Relationships Dr Pierre Steenberg Play
2014-08-29 God's Plan for Spouses Pierre Steenberg Play
2014-08-29 Decoding Gender Dr. Prerre Steenberg Play
2014-08-22 Transformation in the Belly of the Beast Taj Pacleb Play
2014-08-15 Helps! Jeff Cisneros Play
2014-07-11 Sealed Part 2 Filipe Ferreria Play
2014-08-01 Praise Him with Music Gardena Japanese SDA Church Play
2014-07-04 Sealed Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-06-27 Education Never Stops Naofumi Nozawa Play
2014-06-20 Testimonies Funada,Tsuchiya,Pai,Ramel,Kim Play
2014-06-13 A Blessing To Fatherhood Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-06-06 The Hope of His Return Matthew Tracy Play
2014-05-30 If Ye Have Faith Cliff Merchant Play
2014-05-25 Operation Blueprint - Earth's Final Movie Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-05-24 Operation Blueprint - Earth's First Lie and Eternal Hope Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-05-24 Operation Blueprint - Don't Judge Me Naofumi Nozawa Play
2014-05-23 Why It Had To Be The Cross Naohumi Nozawa Play
2014-05-23 Operation Blueprint - Where's Waldo? Naofumi Nozawa Play
2014-05-18 Operation Blueprint - Secondhand GPS Naofumi Nozawa Play
2014-05-15 Operation Blueprint - An Infallible GPS Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-05-16 Operation Blueprint - Fortune Cookies or Divine Prediction Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-05-16 Operation Blueprint - GPS Manual Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-05-16 Noah The Sequel Filipe Ferreria Play
2014-05-10 Operation Blueprint - Jury Selection Naofumi Nozawa Play
2014-05-10 Operation Blueprint - War In Heaven Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-05-09 An Unlikely Mother Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-05-02 Power in the Blood Naofumi Nozawa Play
2014-04-26 Restful Sabbath Jeff Cisneros Play
2014-04-19 Finding Peace 4. Getting Motivated Jennifer J Schwirzer Play
2014-04-19 Finding Peace 3. Healing Past Hurts Jennifer J Schwirzer Play
2014-04-18 Finding Peace 2. Case Study From Scripture Jennifer J Schwirzer Play
2014-04-18 Finding Peace 1. Resting in Christ Jennifer J Schwirzer Play
2014-04-11 Three and a Half Years Cliff Merchant Play
2014-04-04 Power Of Humility Naofumi Nozawa Play
2014-03-28 Restoring the Wounded Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-03-21 Cannibals in the Kitchen Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-03-14 Despite the Differences Naofumi Nozawa Play
2014-03-07 Feed My Sheep Danny Kim Play
2014-02-28 From Palace to Wilderness Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-02-21 Mercy and Love Naofumi Nozawa Play
2014-02-14 Greater Than Mother's Love Kaori Chiba Play
2014-02-08 Outside The Gate Filipe Ferreira Play
2014-01-31 Bay Area Men's Chorus Milton Wheeler Play
2014-01-24 The Greatest Battle Ever Fought Cliff Merchant Play
2014-01-17 The Power to Effect Change Alan J. Reinach Play
2014-01-10 The Yoke That is Easy Daniel Botabara Play
2014-01-03 Times and Seasons Filipe Ferreira Play