2016 Sermon - Audio (English)

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Date Title Presenter
2016-12-31 Reblooming the Oak Part1.mp3 Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-12-24 The Magian Pilgrimage Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-12-17 The Best Christmas Gift Naofumi Nozawa Play
2016-12-10 God So Loved The World - A Nativity Program Play
2016-12-03 Dogs and Crumbs Mark Ferrell Play
2016-11-26 The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Naofumi Nozawa Play
2016-11-19 Love at Home Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-11-12 The Three Angels In Creation Glenn Ramel Play
2016-11-05 Are You Giving Him a Slice Naofumi Nozawa Play
2016-10-29 One In Spirit And Mind Jeff Cisneros Play
2016-10-22 The Handwriting on God's Hands Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-10-15 Maranatha Masumi Shimada Play
2016-10-08 Ropes Of Babylon Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-10-01 Path of Life Cliff Merchant Play
2016-09-24 What to do with Heart Burn Bob Nobuhara Play
2016-09-17 Shadow Empire Play
2016-09-10 When Babylon Disappoints Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-09-03 Righteousness by Faithfulness Naofumi Nozawa Play
2016-08-27 The Greatness Of Humility Naofumi Nozawa Play
2016-08-20 What Are You Eating? Davin Bennett Play
2016-08-13 Jesus Christ, Our Big Brother Naofumi Nozawa Play
2016-08-06 Babylon Joseph's Journey from Padan Aram to the Promised Land Glenn Ramel Play
2016-07-30 I Will Follow Thee Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-07-02 Lamb Like Horns Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-06-25 Seeing Jesus Through Muslim Eyes Gerald Babanezhad Play
2016-06-25 His Other Sheep Gerald Babanezhad Play
2016-06-18 Reclaim Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-06-11 Wholly Communion Naofumi Nozawa Play
2016-06-04 Spirits in Prison Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-05-21 MVJAC 90th Anniversary.mp3 Play
2016-05-14 The Cross Christopher Sepulveda Play
2016-05-07 God's Timing Naofumi Nozawa Play
2016-04-30 The REST of the Story Part III Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-04-23 The REST of the Story Part II Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-04-16 Faithfulness Christopher Sepulveda Play
2016-04-02 The Darkest Hour Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-03-26 Little Known Miracles of God's Creation Matthew Priebe Play
2016-03-26 What is the Final Atonement Dennis Priebe Play
2016-03-26 How Inspired Was Ellen White? Dennis Priebe Play
2016-03-26 What Is A Seventh-Day Adventist.mp3 Dennis Priebe Play
2016-03-26 Faith Is The Victory Dennis Priebe Play
2016-03-19 C O N F I D E N C E ! Ruby Tobing Play
2016-03-05 Weightier Matters Cliff Merchant Play
2016-02-27 Water into Wine: Baptism to the Blood of Christ Naofumi Nozawa Play
2016-02-20 Rightousness by Faith Triumph Over Spiritualism Yip Kok Tho Play
2016-02-20 Biblical Meditation vs. Eastern False Christian Meditation Yip Kok Tho Play
2016-02-13 Faith Building Naofumi Nozawa Play
2016-02-06 Giving Light to Our World (GLOW) Nelson Ernst & Ramiro Cano Play
2016-01-30 MVA Royalaires & Jerry Corson Royalaires & Jerry Corson Play
2016-01-23 Beneath the Surface Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-01-16 Transformation Naofumi Nozawa Play
2016-01-02 Prayer Resolution Filipe Ferreira Play
2016-01-09 Singular or Plural Adam Ramdin Play