2017 Sermons - Audio(English)

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Date Title Presenter
2017-12-30 Reflections Cliff Merchant Play
2017-12-23 The Promise Protected Filipe Ferreira Play
2017-12-16 A Sign to You Filipe Ferreira Play
2017-12-02 The Promise:preludes Filipe Ferreira Play
2017-11-25 Give it all to Jesus Jeff Cisneros Play
2017-11-18 A Judgement That Justifies Peter Chung Play
2017-11-18 How To Defeat Babylon Peter Chung Play
2017-11-18 Judgment Justified Peter Chung Play
2017-11-17 Timeline of Forgiveness Peter Chung Play
2017-11-11 The Reformation Continues Filipe Ferreira Play
2017-11-04 Where is he seated? Pierre Steenberg Play
2017-10-28 Testimonies Joshua & Rina Play
2017-10-21 Ministering to the well Educated Adventist Campus Ministry Play
2017-10-14 The Radicals Filipe Ferreira Play
2017-10-07 Filling The God-Shaped Hole Greg Hite Play
2017-09-30 True Liberation Atsuko Frey, Mathew Tracey, Jonathan Wheeler Play
2017-09-23 The Relevance Of the Adventist Message Rick Maloon Play
2017-09-09 Moving On From Haran Cliff Merchant Play
2017-09-02 God Is With Us Hitoshi Kotani Play
2017-08-26 Most Wanted Manuao Mauia Play
2017-08-19 Gospel Commission In Japan Shimpei Suzuki Play
2017-08-12 One Important Gift Filipe Ferreira Play
2017-08-05 Consistently Consistent Filipe Ferriera Play
2017-07-29 Re: The Temple Destroyed Filipe Ferreira Play
2017-07-08 Strive Together Filipe Ferreira Play
2017-07-01 Joseph's Story Hitoshi Kotani Play
2017-06-24 Bay Area Men's Chorus Play
2017-06-17 A Man After Gods Own Heart Filipe Ferreira Play
2017-05-27 Jesus, Joey and Hot Chocolate Joseph Manzanares Play
2017-05-20 Behold the Lumb Filipe Ferreira Play
2017-05-06 How To Be Ready For The End-Times! Anil Kanda Play
2017-04-29 Why I changed my mind about God Anil Kanda Play
2017-04-22 The Hunger Anil Kanda Play
2017-04-15 Evidencce that demands a verdict Anil Kanda Play
2017-04-08 God's Grace Motoe Kubota & Annie Maekawa Play
2017-04-01 Going to Exeter Camp Meeting Naofumi Nozawa Play
2017-03-25 Heart to Heart Shahin Bakhshnia Play
2017-03-11 God's Favor Factor Gordon Botting Play
2017-03-10 Surviving in Tough Times 2 Gordon Botting Play
2017-03-09 Surviving in Tough Times 1 Gordon Botting Play
2017-03-04 Giving God A Chance Amos Chon Play
2017-02-25 Jesus Only Died Yesterday Naofumi Nozawa Play
2017-02-18 Angels and Guides Lincoln Steed Play
2017-02-11 The Merchant of Mie Glenn Ramel Play
2017-02-04 What is Love? Miramonte Play
2017-01-28 Finishing Well VicLouis Arreola III Play
2017-01-21 The Body of Christ Filiipe Ferreira Play
2017-01-14 Sweet Hour of Prayer Naofumi Nozawa Play
2017-01-07 Reblooming the Oak part2 Filipe Ferreira Play