2019 Sermons - Audio (English)

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Date Title Presenter
2019-06-15 Men of God, Man of God: Caleb Son of Jephunneh Bruce Choy and Florian Raudies Play
2019-06-08 Making Sense of Being Human Anthony Bosman & Michel Lee Play
2019-06-08 Making Sense of the Universe Anthony Bosman Play
2019-06-07 Are Science and Faith In Conflict Anthony Bosman & Michel Lee Play
2019-06-01 What is Communion Filipe Ferreira Play
2019-05-25 A Living Legacy Discipleship Filipe Ferreira Play
2019-05-11 A Living Legacy Filipe Ferreira Play
2019-05-04 God does not call the Qualified Alex Jimenez Play
2019-04-27 An Unexpected Eulogy Filipe Ferreira Play
2019-04-20 Wiser & Higher , Growth & Gratitude Youths Play
2019-04-13 But To Edify? Jeff Cisneros Play
2019-04-06 Greatness Filipe Ferreira Play
2019-03-30 Such A Time as This Reena Abraham & Atsuko Frey Play
2019-03-16 Will You Take This Cup? Filipe Ferreira Play
2019-03-02 The Lord of the Harvest Filipe Ferreira Play
2019-02-23 Maranatha Masumi Shimada Play
2019-02-16 Lord of the Boundless Curves of Space Jonathan Wheeler Play
2019-02-09 Body Of Christ Shimpei Suzuki Play
2019-02-02 In The Heart of Jesus Kim Pearson Play
2019-01-26 The Almost National Sunday Law of 1888 Jonathan Wheeler Play
2019-01-19 To Live a Royal Life Matthew Tracey Play
2019-01-12 Prayer Sabbath: Testimonies Jeff & Joshua Cisneros Play